Mental Health in the Ministry

 The headline on a recent USA Today article caught my attention.  The story was titled

"For American clergy, the burdens of their calling increasingly threaten mental well-being"

As a former minister, I can vouch for the fact that the ministry is a vocation that is often lonely, highly stressful and harmful physically, relationally and emotionally.  Within the article several quotes stand out;

"many keep their struggles to themselves"

"Despite their own stresses, clergy often don’t feel they can seek help."

 "Ministers say they face numerous obstacles to accessing mental health services, including cost, feelings of shame, difficulty taking time off work, or a lack of denominational support."

"The struggle to do the daily work of the congregation falls more on your shoulders and takes away from your family and the basic emotional ties that keep you healthy. Burnout, distress and loneliness are inevitable challenges.”

“Toxic and biased congregations are the rule these days."

Finding Support

The above statements reflect a need that those who are in the role of minister, pastor, priest, etc. are in need of support.  As a member of the "clergy", there are a host of expectations regarding your life, your wife, your family, your job performance, your giving/tithing and the list goes on.  This is often done in a bubble of isolation.  


Integrative Psychiatry Mental Health LLC is committed to providing assistance to ministers and church members alike.  Having been in the ministry for 20 years myself, I have insight into the unique struggles that exist within the church and mental health.  If you are looking for spiritual guidance, an empathic sounding board to work through life's obstacles or assistance with a conflict through Christian values, we can help.